Our vision

Here at Heckmondwike Primary, our aim is to provide pupils with a musical experience that encourages them to be creative and expressive. Music helps children to build their confidence individually and within a group situation. We want to make music interesting, fun and inclusive for all children by using a range of instruments to make every lesson a hands-on experience.

Throughout our curriculum we explore music from a variety of genres and cultures, this makes our children aware of the world around them and develops their respect for other cultures. Children with Educational Needs are able to thrive in music lessons and express themselves in ways they cannot in core subjects.

Our Aims

At Heckmondwike Primary, we deliver a Music curriculum that lets children:

· Take part in practical music lesson.

· Exploring a range of percussion and tuned instruments.

· Explore the theory around music.

· Become young musicians as they create their own pieces.

How Music is Taught

At Heckmondwike, Music is taught weekly across school. The children receive music lessons from the class teacher using the online resource ‘Charanga’ and then by a specialist from Kirklees Musica. Each class is taught by the specialist on a 2 weekly rota so each class will receive the same amount of tuition.

Throughout Foundation stage and Key Stage One the children explore their own voice through singing and then moving onto singing with the accompaniment of simple percussion instruments.

In Key Stage Two they are then given the opportunity and responsibility of learning how to play instruments safely and with respect. The instruments are used in a whole class setting starting with;

· Ocarina in Year 3

· Recorder in Year 4

· Clarinet in Year 5

· Ukulele in Year 6


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