Lanner Primary School - French

What does MFL look like at Heckmondwike Primary School?

At Heckmondwike Primary school our students from Years 3-6 learn French in line with the Modern Foreign Languages National Curriculum Framework. French is typically taught once weekly in a discrete 45 minute session. During MFL lessons, children have the opportunity to practice the four main skills language learning entails; speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our school sees the introduction of MFL as a prime opportunity to not only learn another language but also provide a window into another culture, promoting acceptance of differences. Studying French is a means of exploring another culture’s history, politics, landmarks, music, festivities and more, taking a holistic approach to learning and developing curiosity and enthusiasm about the wider world.

The combination of programmes and resources used to teach French at Heckmondwike Primary School have been carefully selected to ensure progressive coverage of the skills required by the National Curriculum. In addition, the content and topics taught follow a linear curriculum, which gradually broadens children’s French vocabulary in a logical manner.

Our French curriculum allows children opportunities to express thoughts, feelings and ideas in French through interaction and communication. We also have a desire to expose children to authentic French, through offering regular opportunities to listen to native French speakers.

French lessons are sequenced in such a way that prior learning is considered and regular opportunities to revise are given. The French portfolios which children start at the beginning of their language learning journey in Year 3, along with their French vocabulary books travel with them throughout their time at Heckmondwike Primary, to ensure a clear sequence and identification of learning gaps.

Throughout each of the units taught, children receive insight into the culture of French speaking countries and communities. The introduction and revision of key vocabulary and grammatical structures is applied to each lesson taught. The high quality resources and use of audio materials throughout French sessions means that even staff without specialist French training are able to teach with relative ease and confidence.

Through completing French lessons from Years 3-6 we will:

  • Develop a love of languages in our students, which will expand their horizons to other countries, cultures and people.
  • Increase the profile of languages with our students.
  • Ready our students for further language learning on entry to KS3.
  • Create students who developed in key skills, pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition


MFL curriculum on Balance

At Heckmondwike Primary School we use a school improvement toolkit called Perspective Balance, where the curriculum content for every subject is kept. Please click here to see the MFL curriculum in Balance.