What does DT look like at heckmpndwike primary?

At Heckmondwike Primary School Children have the opportunity to design, create and evaluate a range of products from the EYFS stage all the way through to Key stage 2. They explore and work with a wide variety of materials in order to construct, sew, build and cook. This leads to the acquisition of real life practical skills which can be used in everyday adult life; such as cooking noodles, straight stitching, sawing and joining wood. They draw on the knowledge gained from other subject areas such as mathematics, science, computing and art, in order to produce their product. Through the teaching of high quality design technology in Heckmondwike Primary School, students have the opportunity to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and critical thinkers and architects.


At Heckmondwike Primary School DT is taught because it offers our children the opportunity to construct, build, make, model and cook in a safe, collaborative manner. DT allows the use and application of a creative mindset and skills; such as fine motor, experimenting, trial and error, problem solving and partnership working. It enables pupils to work with a wide range of materials in a variety of ways; such as joining, fixing, heating and weaving. Through cooking, children are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures, promoting healthy eating. Effective design technology is a part of our ever-evolving world and our children must have a chance to be a part of this. This subject builds the confidence of pupils through its practical nature, opening up many doors of enriching experiences and opportunities in the future. 


At Heckmondwike Primary School it is very important to teach design and technology because it will benefit the community served by the school enormously. This is because it will allow the children of this community an opportunity to problem solve and develop independence skills. It will provide them with the opportunity to experience, learn and develop in a range of practical skills that are essential to life. It will enable them to contribute to society in a practical, independent and positive manner in the future.

Design Technology Overview

Knowledge Organisers

Please click on the links below to see what new learning will be taking place each half term. Often there will be new skills which children will develop, along with key vocabulary. There will often be questions which we will use to get children thinking and carrying out discussions. We will also use these to gauge childrens' understanding and their aquisition of new knowledge.

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DT curriculum on Balance

At Heckmondwike Primary School we use a school improvement toolkit called Perspective Balance, where the curriculum content for every subject is kept. Please click here to see the RE curriculum in Balance.