Coronavirus - School Closure


Good morning parents/carers,

As you are aware the Government have announced the closure of all schools in the UK as of Friday 20th March until further notice. We have carried out extensive planning on how to provide effective distance learning for all our pupils during this time of what is a national crisis. Please see the class pages on our website for regular weekly learning activities and suggestions for maintaining a home learning routine. Packs of learning resources will be available to collect from school each week, from the school library collection points, to give you as much support and help as we possibly can.

We will also ensure that pupils who are eligible for free school meals will able to receive a nutritious meal each day. This will be a packed lunch which you can collect from school, using the collection points from the school library. Please will you ensure that you keep a two metre distance from each other if you need to queue.

The school is closed because of scientific guidance on how to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Children staying safely at home should limit the chance of the virus spreading. The fewer children making the journey to school each day reduces the risk of infection spreading to the more vulnerable individuals in society. However we will respond to the request of the Government to remain open for a small group of pupils.

We will offer a limited provision to a small group of pupils whose families meet the criteria set out by the Government. The two categories for this provision are children who are vulnerable and children of key workers who are not able to be cared for safely at home. This will be a different type of provision than our school usually provides, it will be about care, keeping these children safe and allowing key worker parents to go to work and care for the sick or keep our important services operating.

School has identified those pupils who will be eligible for a place because they meet the vulnerable pupil criteria. We have contacted those families directly and offered places to those pupils.

We can also offer some places to pupils of parents who are critical to the COVID-19 response and who cannot be safely cared for at home.

The guidance is clear that if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should.

However if parents fall under the key worker list below, and cannot give safe homecare for children, then they will be eligible to request a child care place at school.

If you believe that you meet the criteria for a key worker placement, then please complete the request form to and we will allocate places for your children if places are available.

 HPS Key-Worker-Form.docx

Key Worker List

Health and social care

Education and childcare

Key public services
This includes those essential to the running of the justice system, religious staff, charities and workers delivering key frontline services, those responsible for the management of the deceased, and journalists and broadcasters who are providing public service broadcasting

Local and national government
This only includes those administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the COVID-19 response or delivering essential public services such as the payment of benefits, including in government agencies and arms length bodies

Food and other necessary goods
This includes those involved in food production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery as well as those essential to the provision of other key goods (for example hygienic and veterinary medicines)

Public safety and national security

This includes those who will keep the air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the COVID-19 response, including those working on transport systems through which supply chains pass

Utilities, communication and financial services
This includes staff needed for essential financial services provision (including but not limited to workers in banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure), the oil, gas, electricity and water sectors (including sewerage), information technology and data infrastructure sector and primary industry supplies to continue during the COVID-19 response, as well as key staff working in the civil nuclear, chemicals, telecommunications (including but not limited to network operations, field engineering, call centre staff, IT and data infrastructure, 999 and 111 critical services), postal services and delivery, payments providers and waste disposal sectors

It is important to underline that our school remains a safe place for children. But reducing the number of children coming to school lowers the risk of the virus spreading to our vulnerable individuals in our community.