Hi 2J, 

This is Mrs Jaza, I can't tell you how much I miss you all!! I know you are probably feeling a little confused and lost right now but let me assure you that there will be a time when this will all be over and we can get back to normal life. We just need to get through this difficult time together. So I hope you are keeping safe and enjoying your time at home with your family members. Don't worry, my family are keeping me busy and I certainly don't have any time to be bored. I made some playdough with my daughter - have you done anything creative or fun? If so take a photo and when all this blows over and we are back at school, you can show me. I can't wait to hear from you, remember I am always thinking about you and I will never forget you. Keep safe, be good for your parents, work hard and have fun. Can't wait to see you all soon and then we will have lots of fun in class!!! Remember, work hard, have fun!!!!