Year Two

Home Learning

Please click on the document links below to download your child’s work packs.  The packs can be printed if you wish, however there is no requirement to do this.  Children can record answers into an exercise book. 

For children who are unable to gain access to a computer/ the internet, could parents/ carers contact school directly so that a paper copy can be printed.  This will be done on request only and left outside our main doors in a covered box for collection. Should you require it, you can also collect an exercise book for your child. 

We strongly recommend that your child continues to consolidate their learning through completion of these activities on a daily basis.

Practical Ideas:

  • This is our school telephone number: 01924 325690. Now split it into single digits.  How many 2-digit numbers can you make?  Can you order them from smallest to largest?  Can you sort them into odd and even numbers?  Use the greater than and less than symbols (‹ › remember that Charlie crocodile east the bigger number, for example 44<67) to create number sentences.
  • Make your own bingo cards but instead of saying the number, describe it using tens and units and other number facts! For example, 25 = a 2-digit number with 2 tens and 5 units.  83 = an odd number between 80 and 86 which is not in the x5 table and if you add the 2 digits it makes 11.
  • Make a 2-digit number and write down as many facts as you can to describe it.
  • Look at the weight of food packages in your kitchen. Can you order them from the lightest to the heaviest?
  • Become a garden designer! Design your perfect garden for your friends and family to enjoy.  What would you have in it?  Can you write sentences to describe it?
  • Read your favourite book. Can you design a new front cover for it?  Can you write a new blurb to explain what the book is about?
  • Create a puppet and either act out your favourite story or create your own.
  • Go onto YouTube and find Cosmic kids yoga. Have some fun whilst stretching!

Useful Websites

In addition to the work above, please continue to use Ed City, Classroom Secrets and TTR to supplement learning further.