Hi 3A!

We  hope you're all well, happy and keeping safe.

We are missing all of you and hope you are being very kind and helpful around your house. Are you starting the day with a physical activity to get your bodies moving as we are trying to?  Mrs Ashraf has set herself a challenge of how many star jumps, skips and sit ups she can do in a minute? See if you can join in this challenge!   

Mrs Ashraf is reading Iron Man (Our class book) and when she is not doing her school work she is doing some sketching and painting! Which stories have you been reading? Mrs Hashmi is busy teaching her children, baking and trying to stay fit! Have you baked anything?

We know you are working very hard at home as we are looking at Education City and messages from parents on Class Dojo and are very proud of you. We hope you continue to do this and challenge yourself to do more as this will keep your brain working and not forget everything you have learnt!  

If you are making any models, arts and crafts and writing amazing things  then take pictures and hopefully we will get back to you with the details of how and when your parents can email them to us. 

Take care superstars and stay safe!

Keep coming back, as we will be posting more very soon!


Mrs Ashraf and Mrs Hashmi

Listen to Mrs Hashmi read a story.