To my wonderful 1RD class, hello! I miss you all very much and think about you lots every day. I hope you are all safe and well and are helping to look after your family. I know it’s very tricky having to stay in all the time and not see your friends but it is also the chance to do some lovely activities with your family. Beatrice and I have been video calling some of her friends from school so she can see what they have been up to and say hello. We have also been painting, baking, making dens and we made an excellent assault course outside when it was sunny. Maybe you could have a go at making one? 

I have seen that lots of you have logged onto education city and accessed the activities, well done. It’s really important to keep up with doing your work to keep your brain nice and strong. To keep your heart and your body strong you need to remember to exercise as well. The Joe Wickes PE lessons and Cosmic kids yoga has been on lots in my house, what have you been doing to stay fit and healthy?

Hopefully soon we will have organised a way for you to send me pictures of what you have been up to, I would love to see how much fun you have been having!

Keep an eye on the website as I will continue to leave you notes to say hello and post some more activities for you to complete. 

Remember, stay home and stay safe. I will hopefully see you very soon! 

Sending huge virtual hugs from Mrs Royston 


Hi 1RD,

First all I must say that I am missing you all very much.   It feels very strange not going to school and seeing your happy faces. I miss teaching you each day, especially PE as that is my favourite lesson with you all.

However, you must stay at home, stay safe and look after your family. So what have you all been doing?  I know lots of you have been doing some work every day on Educity so well done! We have also given you lots of other fun ideas for you to do and I look forward to hearing all about those when we go back to school.

At home I am having lots of fun with my family as we try and do an activity together every day. We are playing games (remember 1RD it is the taking part that counts, not just winning) baking and taking the dog for a walk.  So, try and do some fun activities each day as well as keeping up with your learning.  Keep checking the website for ideas and take some pictures of the things you have been doing and hopefully we can share these soon.

Thinking of you all.

Miss Dunn