Class 4E

Welcome to Class 4E’s web page!


We have kick started our term with a bang!  We have also been working hard to learn our times tables and spelling to help improve our Maths and English work.  4E are currently working on earning merits for our silver and gold award!


We really enjoyed learning about the Arctic and had lots of fun working on our assembly about traditional stories with alternative endings.  Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to see it!


Since the Easter holidays our topic has been Aboriginal Artwork!  We felt like we needed to be warmed up a little after being in the Arctic blast for so long!  We started our work off with finding out where Australia is, how it is split up into territories and where people live in Australia.  After this, we will be looking at the artwork of the aboriginal people.  We will cotton buds dipped in paint to create animal paintings and decorated these with dots.  From this, we will write a diary as if we were travelling around Australia and will explain what it is like there.  I am sure some of the children will now want to visit the country as a holiday destination!


Looking forward for the rest of the term, we will be looking at the history of the Romans and how they have impacted on modern life.  We will find out about life during this time and compare it to other historical periods we have studied so far, like the Shang Dynasty.  One important person we will look at is Julius Caesar, who he is and why he was so important in Roman culture.  In Art and we will create our own mosaics. Using specific design criteria, we shall design, make and evaluate a Roman container.


After this, we are going to develop our Geographical skills and look at how seaside resorts have changed over time.  We will see how different parts of the UK have changed and why they are different.  In Science we are going to look at teeth and the digestive system in humans.  I am sure we will do some disgusting experiments to find out what happens to our food!


In English, we are going to continue to develop our story writing skills and will have the opportunity to write science fictions stories, which will no doubt be out of this world!  Looking forward we will be learning how to write a non-chronological report as well.


In Maths, we are also continuing to work on our times tables, mental calculations and written methods for all calculations too.  We will be using the Mastery Maths approach to develop our reasoning skills further and apply our knowledge of calculations to multiple step problem solving.  Along with this, we will work on fractions, decimals and percentages and compare these. 


We are very proud of our musical achievements this year.  Mrs Isaacs has been really impressed with how quickly we have progressed from the Dude to the Clarinet.  We are learning to play more notes and are continuing to increase the difficulty of the pieces we are playing.  Miss Evenden is also going home with less headaches as we are not playing as many squeaky notes as we were on the Dude’s!


Important Information

  • Now we are in Year 4, we get to go swimming every Wednesday morning.  Make sure you bring your swimming costume or trunks, a towel and a bag to keep your wet kit in each week.  Earrings should be taken out before coming to school and all hair tied back.

  • Water bottles will go home each night to be washed and re-filled – this really helps with our concentration and stops us becoming dehydrated.

  • Homework, consisting of a piece of Literacy and Numeracy, will be given each Friday to be returned the following Monday.  Yellow slips will be given out if it is not done or not completed to a suitable standard.

  • Spellings will be given out on a Friday to learn for our spelling test the following Friday.

It’s quiz time!

In Key Stage Two we will choose our own book from the library and then when it is completed, we take a short quiz in school.  When we receive 100% on 3 consecutive occasions, we can then go onto a higher level.  We aim to do 2 quizzes each week!  We would be very grateful if you could read with your child each night and record any comments in the reading log.  Books can be changed before school, at break time, during personalised learning time, dinner time and after school.  We have fun in Year 4 but we work very hard.  Push yourself to be the best you can be!