Class 4D

Welcome to class 4D's webpage!


Hello we are class 4D and this year we will be working in classroom 9.  Our teacher is Miss Denby but we also work with Mrs Hough and Mrs Ajmal.  We sometimes work with Mrs Rashad and Mrs Clarkson in small groups. 

It is the start of the Autumn term and we are already incredibly busy!  Our topic this first half term is The Shang Dynasty in which we will be finding out about ancient China and comparing their life, values, food, past times, artwork and clothes with our own.  We will be both tasting and making Chinese food to develop our DT skills.  By using atlases, we will be able to find out about the geographical features of China and the surrounding rivers, seas and mountains.  In Science we will be learning about solids, liquids and gases.  In the second half term, our topic will be Light up the music in which we will learn about how sound travels in Science and how we can change the pitch and volume of sound.  From this we will develop our own musical instruments.  Each week we will be developing our linguistic skills by taking part in French conversations and learning about the French culture so don’t be surprised if we say ‘bonjour’ to you!  In RE we will learn about different faiths in our community, the symbol of light in festivals and how to have a positive and peaceful outlook on life.  In English we will be focussing on descriptive stories and learning how to use adverbial phrases in sentences.  We will also learn how to write diaries and instructions.  In Maths we will enhance our knowledge of place value by looking at decimals and negative numbers. 

Each day we work hard to be given merits which we receive for outstanding work and using the Heckmondwike Way to push ourselves.  These merits build up so we can achieve our bronze, silver and gold certificates.  As well as this, we have a star table chart in which the winning team gets to go in the treasure chest at the end of the week.  We are very excited about the Governor’s award and who will be chosen for hot chocolate Friday!  Let’s push ourselves to be here each day so we can win the attendance prize!


These are a few things to remember!

  • Now we are in Year 4, we get to go swimming every Wednesday morning.  Make sure you bring your swimming costume or trunks, a towel and a bag to keep your wet kit in each week.  Earrings should be taken out before coming to school and all hair tied back.
  • Water bottles will go home each night to be washed and re-filled – this really helps with our concentration and stops us becoming dehydrated.
  • Homework, consisting of a piece of English and Maths, will be given each Friday to be returned the following Monday.  Yellow slips will be given out if it is not done or not completed to a suitable standard.
  • Spellings will be given out on a Friday to learn for our spelling test the following Friday.It’s quiz time!In Key Stage Two we will choose our own book from the library and then when it is completed, we take a short quiz in school.  When we receive 100% on 3 consecutive occasions, we can then go onto a higher level.  We aim to do 2 quizzes each week!  We would be very grateful if you could read with your child each night and record any comments in the reading log.  Books can be changed before school, at break time, during personalised learning time, dinner time and after school.  We have fun in Year 4 but we work very hard.  Push yourself to be the best you can be!