Class 3J

Welcome to Class 3J.

Hello and welcome to our brand new website page, can you believe that the summer is over and we are already back in school! You will not believe how hard we have been working already.

Our teacher is Mrs Jaza but we also work with Mrs Blyth, Mrs Hough, Mrs Rashad and Mrs Bustard. On Fridays we do P.E. and get given our homework. This homework must be completed and back into school on Monday morning.

Autumn Term

In science we will be looking at rocks and soils, where we will learn all about rocks and how we use them in everyday life. We will also look at the different types of rocks and how they are formed. The soils part of our science work contains research about the different layers of our Earth’s crust and what those layers are made up of.


We have already started our topic called ‘Around the World’, and we have begun by researching and finding out about Scotland. After learning about Scotland, we will compare what we know about this country to Italy. We will then find out Europe. We will finish with learning about the Americas.


For our History lessons, we will be looking at what life was like in The Stone Age. We will come up with our own questions regarding what we would like to find out, and then give ourselves the task of attaining that information.

In English we will begin with working on basic skills, understanding word types and the use of conjunctions. We will also be celebrating Roald Dahl by doing a lot of work around his famous book called ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. Throughout the term we will be looking at writing our own adventure stories and instruction texts.

In Maths we are becoming more confident with place value and partitioning. Later on, we will be looking at the reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers. Also, we will be looking at the operations of addition and subtraction and understanding related facts.

Already we have been lucky enough to enjoy the special events of active morning and music taster sessions delivered by Kirklees Music School. We have enjoyed these events and thank you for your support in making them happen. We look forward to a fantastic year!