Class 2R



Hello and welcome back!

Year 2 is going to be brilliant with lots of hard work but lots of fun involved as well.

Our teacher this year is Mrs Royston and Miss Quinn will work with us on a Monday. Mrs Nutton and Mrs Sheard will be with us as well.


Lessons this term …………


This term out topics are ‘Dinosaurs& ‘Plant attack!’.

In Science we will be looking at our environment and what plants need to grow. We will grow our own plants and investigate the environment which produces the best plants.

In Art we will be making animal collages and looking at the work of the famous artist, Andy Warhol and creating art pieces inspired by his work.

In English we will be continuing the Literacy Hour where I need to be able to sit still and listen and work with my class for up to sixty minutes. I will be writing my own letters, recounts and poems.

I will also be working hard to improve my punctuation and spelling.

In Maths we will be continuing the Numeracy strategy and this will include work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division counting, reading and writing numbers to 100. Recognising all coins and solving ‘real life’ money problems and naming and classifying 2D and 3D shapes.. 

I will also be trying to improve my mental maths.



PE is on a Tuesday morning so we will ensure that we have the correct PE kit in school every week.